WordPress and Other CMS Platforms

What’s the deal with CMS sites?

A lot of people today want an easier solution for their websites.  Some of these are large sites, with complicated solutions. Others just want to post simple blog.

In most cases WordPress and other CMS platforms like Joomla!, Drupal and Magento are perfect solutions for lower cost and effort, versus a completely custom built site. The best part is managing it with little to know web experience!

In years past, the only solution was to have a web programmer, in conjunction with a graphic designer, create a built-to-suit website, that could cost tens of thousand of dollars and take months of development time.  Invariably, these websites became deprecated and were obsolete within a few years and needed to be completely rebuilt…again!

Thanks to CMS platforms designers and developers can be the same person who, like the services offered with LKPM Designs.  Along with the savings in expense and time, comes the ability to update the site without having to rebuild anything. Core files and plugins can be easily updated via the backend administrative function, without touching a speck of code. Nice!

Not only this huge benefit to keeping a site current and at the “bleeding edge” of technology, it eases the chore of editing common content like page text, contact forms, images, and calendars to even complex functions like catalogs, social networking, SEO, email marketing and a lot more.

If you’re thinking about upgrading or if you need to step into the modern era of web development contact us so we can get you started down the exciting endeavor of managing your own website.

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