LKPM Designs in Boise, Idaho

boise_2After growing up and starting my career in Denver, Colorado, my husband and I decided to make a move to beautiful Boise, Idaho.

Some people asked us, “Why Boise?!” and “Why would you leave Denver? It’s such a great place to live!”.  While it confused some and true Denver is a very cool city, for years we have watched it become a bigger and bigger city, which also forced us to watch the crime rate and cost of living go up exponentially. Scary!

With our two small children in mind, we’ve been searching the nation for the “Best Place to Raise a Family” and Boise was such a great fit it so many ways.  Beautiful, clean, affordable and family-centric, Boise has become our new beloved home and we’re all excited to be here.

I’m professionally very excited to offer my suite of services to the metro Boise area. I think folks whom originate and those who have migrated to Boise find that my skills as a web and graphic designer serve the community here as well as they would in any city, big or small.