The evolution of LKPM Designs…read on!

lisaMy name is Lisa Mathews.  I founded LKPM Designs in 2009 after I received a contract from the e-Learning division of Regis University to work on the UI/UE design and development in both the private and military sectors of adult education.  With this experience my skills grew in the areas motion graphics, graphic design, web design and development, user interface design, user experiences and a lot more.

Since then, I have collaborated with numerous other clients, in nearly every market segment. From beauty and fashion, health and wellness, spiritual to corporate, services and products of all types, I have the ability to communicate a clear message to the desired target markets with creative and effective design solutions.

I have built valuable and loyal relationships with these people and their companies. In this process have become an expert in the field of graphic design and development for both print and web media.

Along the way I have also forged relationships with other designers, developers, marketers, copy writers, photographers, and many other talented people, whom are a collective force of contractors that are utilized for large and complex projects.

Personally, I have so many interests and activities! First and foremost my family. My husband, of 12 years, and I have two beautiful, crazy little girls. We enjoy time outside hiking and playing at the park, generally just getting really dirty and tired.

I love to play piano, guitar and ukulele. I read A LOT, both from classics and current books and publications. I also have a talent for face painting, balloon twisting and general buffoonery for the entertainment of young children.  Yes, I’m sometimes a clown and I love it.

Baking is another passion of mine, and is something that I love to share with other people.

Rollerblading and jogging is something I like to do alone, because I kind of look stupid when I’m doing it.  Also, I think I’m pretty funny.

I hope that all this gives you a good idea what my company is about and who I am.  I’m not ashamed to say I’m good at what I do, and I make it a fun experience, because…that’s just me!

Thanks for reading 🙂

-Lisa Mathews